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SG-W:/ what's going on in the townships

Update on Pittsfield:

We're being sold down the river by a majority of our elected and appointed 
officials, as per the usual. I'll write more later. Just finished the latest 
edition of the Watchdog, so now I really have to get the laundry done, clean 
the barn, earn a living, etc!

Newmarket is rollicking along, with only Planning Commissioner Jean Connell, 
Clerk Judith Walter, and Trustee Pat Lennington vocally opposed. Here's what 
the majority of Planning Commissioners seem to want: Newmarket! Will Stewart 
at the AA News has been doing a good series of articles in the Local Section 
(Though I'm still peeved with the editorial page over people for parks - but 
it did get me up in arms enough to come to AA to help - maybe that was their 
secret plan all along?)

Since our Master Plan won't allow Newmarket, a number of Planning 
Commissioners seem to want to patch in a revision, without public input, in 
just this area so the developer can have his way. We're waiting on impact 
studies, but those don't usually mean much.

We're OUT of sewer capacity, precluding Newmarket, but Supervisor Doug 
Woolley is frantically trying to use taxpayer dollars to buy more, because, 
as he says, "We wouldn't want to stop development." Heaven forbid.

Forever Green is fundraising to raise money to buy the land, if it's not 
already lost, and we're doing a big mailing this month for the Fund For 
Pittsfield, run through the Potawatomi Land Trust. The Walterses gave over 
$13,000 last month, so we're over $22,000 now, I think.

Hi Erica! You guys are super.

Oh, Jim Walter and Julie Greiss are helping the folks in Milan with fliers 
to fight the RR yard. Jim also does an awesome job printing the Watchdog.

If you're really hardcore and want all the dope on Pittsfield, you can 
subscribe to The Watchdog. $10 buys 12 quasi-monthly issues. Send name, 
address, and check to: The Watchdog, 151 E. Textile Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 
48108. Yep, that's my address.

Cordial greetings from the front- Tina Lirones.

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