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SG-W:/ what's happening in Pittsfield


thanks for the update about Newmarket - I forgot I missed the beginning of 
the meeting. Do you really think we'll get to have input on the Master Plan? 
I find that so hard to believe. Ann Harris pointed out to Jean Connell after 
the meeting that the only time we talk about  revising the Master Plan is 
when we talk about Newmarket. Ann said, "It's appalling that something as 
important as the Master Plan doesn't even get its own agenda item." She was 
deeply concerned at the way the Master Plan was constantly comingled with 
Newmarket. This comingling and the tenor of the Commission's discussion make 
it appear that we're going to look at a patching in of a PUD district of 
some kind (that's what Enos talked about at the meeting) that would allow 
Newmarket, or that scary mess called the Preserve on Michigan Ave. at Old 
State Rd., or any number of mixed uses, when what we residents have always 
wanted was open space and conservation zoning in the heart of Pittsfield.

I don't think I've ever spoken at our Planning Commission and gotten 
anything more than a nod when I'm done. Input? They act like they don't even 
know our names, and Craig, you and I talk at like every meeting. We'll see,I 
guess, and remain hopeful.

I was so pleased with what Jean Connell said at this and the last meeting. 
It's funny about that request she made for a build out map - I think I first 
asked for that in 1997. I just don't think we're getting anywhere, but maybe 
Jean can accomplish something. I think I used to be nice like her once upon 
a time.

See you soon, Tina

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