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Re: SG-W:/ what's going on in the townships

>At first most of the commissioners' comments were about more detail they
>would like to see of the proposed residential area (like larger scale
>drawings).  My jaw was dropping listening to these indications that all they
>really care about in make such a major decision is how pretty the buildings
>will look. Luckily Jean Connell spoke up about the need to look at the whole
>township, and requested the planning dept to prepare a build-out sort of
>map, showing what all is already approved or in the pipeline for approval.
>The planning dept is eager to get impact studies (conducted by the
>developer!) of things like traffic, natural features, etc. 
>Craig <harvey@ic.net>

I happened to see the episode of "New York" on PBS last week that 
included the segment on the development of Central Park. It's interesting 
that it was created before NYC was built out to that area. In fact, there 
were farms and shacks there before the park was created. Looking at it 
now, it's amazing that such a large area was set aside for recreation and 
respite. But what if it hadn't been?

I don't mean to make too strong a comparison, but if Pittsfield can look 
out beyond just the next few years, the long-term value of protecting the 
central area might become more obvious. Beyond looking at just what's 
currently in the pipeline, look at SEMCOG's numbers for population growth 
in the area, for example. And encourage your commission to look at how 
the area fits into the larger picture of SE Mich and your watershed, too, 
to whatever extent they can. Then maybe a true master plan would be 

Keep up the good work,


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