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Re: SG-W:/ What's going on in the townships?

Has this been in the news anywhere that we might refer to? Do you know of 
any good (more timely than otherwise) opportunities to promote it?

>The study commissioned by the Ann Arbor Township Board of Trustees and 
>conducted by the Washtenaw-Potawatomi Land Trust comparing the projected 
>costs of underwriting services for residential development v. of purchasing 
>conservation easements on the remaining tillable farmland has been 
> Numbers indicate that keeping the ten acre minimum lot size with $400K 
>houses would cover township costs, but probably not schools.  Three acre 
>with $300K houses don't come close to covering costs and would require tax 
>increases of 1.35 mills for services, costing the existing homeownere there 
>an additional $167/year, half of that in perpetuity (schools at 20 year 
>bonds).  Half acre lots are way off the map with water, sewer & police costs 
>amongst others.
>Buying easements on 2,800 acres, on the other hand, would cost 1.16 mills 
>($144/year for 20 years) if no other matching funds (federal, state, local, 
>private) could be obtained.  So, for that semi-rural township, it's cheaper 
>to preserve land that to allow to be developed, plus all the other benefits 
>(scenery, fresh food, wildlife, water quality, etc.) are included.  As it's 
>been said, it's all a matter of what you pay for, how much you pay and how 
>long you pay for it.
>The model developed for the study can be duplicated elsewhere, if folks are 
>interested in doing that.  In the meantime, use the figures to hammer the 
>point home with your planning commissioners and trustees.  Forward!

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