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Re: SG-W:/ What's going on in the townships?

Here's an update from my part of Scio Township:

Our Planning Commission recommended approval of The Scio Sunrise PUD on
Liberty Road (10 homes on 15 acres with most of the homes clustered on
smaller than 1 acre lots and unbuildable space left open).  The Board
sent it back to planning citing the small lot sizes and the fact that too
many homes are in the plan.  This is not a large PUD, but I believe
precedent setting for much of the remaining open space in this area.  I
have concerns about the use of a PUD to increase the overall density on a
parcel that includes acreage not suitable for septic.   

The Planning Commission did not change anything.  On that day, 6 members
were attending - 3 in favor and 3 opposed to the plan.  They did not
reconsider their approval and sent it back to the Board.  It will be on
the December agenda. 

There is another proposal for new homes and apartments in the Uplands, off
of Liberty.  Upland residents were at the public hearing upset about the
increase in density in that area.  I don't know the details.  

The large new proposal on Liberty had been submitted as a PUD (the
Silverman PUD).  This would have required an expansion of the sewer
service area and had not been getting much citizen or Board support.
Silverman now wants a rezoning of much of the property (145 acres) to 1
acre lots. Some of the property is already zoned for dense uses and that
isn't included in the latest rezoning request.  The property owner claims
he's saving farmland elsewhere.

This is still before the Planning Commission.  It is a tough application
to understand.  According to the Health Department some of the property is
not buildable due to the high water table and heavy clay soils.  In
addition, there seems to be Gelman contamination on the site.  Yet it is
not in the sewer service area.  So Silverman needs city services for the
site.  I hope the Township holds firm on this, but am not optimistic about
the outcome.  Silverman also wants to place roads through an area with
ponds and a creek so all of the traffic (from apartments and homes) goes
to Liberty instead of Jackson Road and place an entrance at the top of the
hill very close to Saginaw Forest.  This is an obvious safety issue,
hopefully one the Road Commission will protect us on.  Silverman's
property extends practically to Jackson Road, but they feel it is more
marketable if access is from Liberty.  Liberty cannot accommodate this
large increase in traffic.

I heard many of the Meijers conversations.  They've owned the property for
years and while many of us have concerns about the impact, there's no
point in fighting it. We have some Board and Planning Commission Members
who are more concerned about developers' rights than citizens'
preferences.  We also have some who are concerned about the health of the 
township.  I hope new people run for office next year. I won't be one
of them.

Many of us want to keep Scio from looking like Pittsfield Township near
Meijers and Target.  Scio also has new homes coming in all over.  Every
time I drive Park Road (West of Zeeb) the new homes go further along Park

Thanks for all of the other updates. 

Jan Gerson   

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