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Re: SG-W:/ Special assessment districts vs development impact fees

In a message dated 11/22/1999 4:55:23 PM EST, jeffsurfus@email.msn.com writes:

<< Would it be possible to create a special assessment district for a
 residential development? >>
Generally SADs are created by the folks who will benefit, e.g., by having 
their road paved or extending public services, and at least a simple majority 
of those in the district must agree to create it and pay the tax.  The 
examples from Webster and Lyndon--where the Board of Trustees were moving to 
create SADs of the entire township to fund emergency services--may be limited 
to encompassing areas and general services.  That is to say, the Board 
couldn't create a smaller SAD to cover services without the approval of those 
in the district, and couldn't do it for the whole township unless there was 
compelling reason for the new tax and district.  

That's my sense anyway, and I'll be curious to see how others react.

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