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Re: SG-W:/ Shopping for the Earth

> From owner-smartgrowth-washtenaw@superior.great-lakes.net Thu Nov 18 13:06:59 
> Friends,
> Would you donate $100 every year to help fight the sprawl that is
> overrunning our community if this didn't actually cost you a penny?
> This is not a wild fantasy.  

> Doug Cowherd
> Chair, Sierra Club - Huron Valley Group
> ***************************************

I purchased a few hundred dollars of the certificates, and used them
all at the Co-op.

I assume that the Co-op provides certificates at a discount because
they hope that the certificates will increase sales.

However, I always buy my groceries at the Co-op.  

Thus, I came to see my participation in this program as merely transfering
funds from the Co-op to the Sierra Club.  I don't think the Co-op is
any less worthy of funds than is the Sierra Club, so I lost my enthusiasm
for the program.

Am I misinterpreting?  Does the Co-op perhaps get a tax break from
issuing the certificates, or something like that?

tim athan

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