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SG-W:/ 2025 Transportation Plan Update for Washtenaw County - page 1

As they promised, though a little late, the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Urban Area
Transportation Study Committee has released the draft 2025 Transportation
Plan Update for Washtenaw County Summaries for public review.

First, your motivation: for the 2001-2005 time period, this update calls for
27.2% of transportation money in the county to go to ROAD WIDENINGS.  You
read that right, the first 5 years of the plan call for almost as much money
($86.4 million) going to widen roads as for rebuilding bridges and repaving
combined ($86.6 million).

That's even a little suspect, since the update identifies struturally
deficient bridges (falling apart) as well as functionally deficient bridges
(not big enough).  So some of the bridge money for 2001-2005 may be being
used to widen bridges as well. Also, since the updates are done every 5
years, it's possible that the next update will also revise upward the amount
of money to be spent on widenings.

I've included the first four pages of the draft as a separate email, which
are a cover letter, the list of places you can see the draft, and dates,
times, and locations for you to provide comment.  I'll include the summary
of dollars and percentages for 2001-2005, and attached a .gif file of the
pie chart displayed in the update for that period as a third email.  If you
attend one of the comment sessions listed, I recommend you also send
comments in writing.

As soon as I can find a good place to put this on the web, I'll put most of
what's been placed in the library online.  It's unclear from their cover
letter whether what's in the libraries is the plan update or the summary of
the plan update.

Ken Clark

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