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SG-W:/ Transpo plan

Ken, Thank you for all the info on UATS and the emphatic note and sample 
arguments. We've been somewhat preoccupied with MDOT here in Pittsfield, 
regarding the widening of US-12. Folks in one subdivision want to reroute 
US-12 up our dirt road so it will be "safer", that is, out of there 
backyards and into our front yards, then on into the backyards of another 
subdivision. MDOT is not really interested in doing this, but it's gotten 
wierdly political, with our Supervisor endorsing it and Alma Wheeler Smith 
and Liz Brater both getting a lot of heat to make MDOT really consider this 
willdly insane plan. On top of all that, I keep withholding comment because 
the crazy plan would 86 Newmarket's cutesy southern "village," and while I 
don't want a highway on Textile, it pleases me no end to watch the developer 
squirm, scheme, and misrepresent his plans in an attempt to placate the 
crazy plan people.

I'll get right on spreading the word about the remaining public meeting date 
and about letter writing. Tina.

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