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Re: SG-W:/ the powers that be

Well, I'll respond to that. The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) is
helping to facilitate ongoing discussion and organizing on land use issues
in Washtenaw County.  MEC is a coalition of over 50 environmental,
conservation, health-based organizations (including the Ecology Center and
the Potawatomi Land Trust).  Through a small grant program and other
funding, we're providing support to the Ecology Center and to Jeff as the
project coordinator to keep the momentum going after the 1998 vote on
Proposal 1.  The listserv is part of that effort.  Many of you on the list
may not be aware of MEC's historic role in the county farmland protection
effort which began in late 1994 with a grant from the Michigan Integrated
Food and Farming Systems project. That launched and supported the education
and coalition building efforts to adopt farmland and open space protection
tools in the county with John Crumm as the initial project coordinator
followed by the esteemed Barry Lonik.  Barry and crew pushed for a PDR
program which led to the county task force which led to the Prop 1
proposal.  So we've been a strategically silent partner for some time.

Why would a statewide organization take this role?  As part of our mission
to bring smarter growth policies to the state, we recognized early on the
need to
spearhead work at both local and state levels.  Hence, we have supported
and do support (techical assistance, funding when we can, etc.) a number of
local demonstration projects to both demonstrate better land use practices
and to build the statewide constituency needed to pass state policy.
Purposefully, we work through our member organizations so the work of the
demonstration sites is truly local yet benefits from the collective
knowledge of a larger statewide network. If you look around at any of the
major local and regional smart growth efforts underway in this state,
chances are that either MEC or one of our member groups is somehow engaged
in the effort.

All of this means that folks engaged on this listserv can be linked to
statewide efforts to bring about change.  In the next year, there should be
several major policy initiatives that will need your support.  We're really
pleased we can help facilitate discussion,  information sharing, and policy
initiatives at the local level; we also hope we can count on you
to help support state policy changes.  

Finally, I realize there are hundreds of topics of environmental and
sustainable development interest to subscribers to the
smartgrowth-Washtenaw listserv.  But the goal of this particular list is to
create an informed network in the county for smarter land use practices so
I asked Jeff to keep the discussion on track.


At 02:31 AM 12/10/1999 GMT, Christina Lirones wrote:
>Jeff said he'd received a request from the powers that be to keep the 
>discussion on track (re: lots of info about eating for the earth). Yoiks, 
>Jeff, I thought you were the power that is. Who are They? Tina.
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smartgrowth-washtenaw:  Internet List and Forum for issues relating to
sprawl, smart growth, and preservation of the quality of life in Washtenaw

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