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SG-W:/ Malletts Creek Forest gift certificates

Dear Friends,
Since the information below relates to smart growth and preservation of
the quality of life in Washtenaw County, I am bringing this to your
attention and asking for your participation.  

As some of you know, there has been nearly a year long effort to protect 
a beautiful and ecologically valuable forest along Malletts Creek from a
development plan.  That plan was denied based on the natural features. 
Now the Friends of Malletts Creek Forest would like to see it acquired
as public parkland. 

In order to facilitate that process, we have initiated an effort to
raise money to contribute to purchasing the land.  Broad public support
of this nature is helpful in the park acquisition process.  Details are
outlined below, and as an attachment which maintains the format.  We
hope that you will use this gift opportunity and forward it on to
others.  Please call/email if you have questions or can help distribute

Thanks for your attention.  
(734) 971-5870

This holiday season...  Give Malletts Creek Forest Certificates

Malletts Creek Forest is a valuable natural area.  You can help preserve

Friends of Malletts Creek Forest have organized a campaign to protect
these five acres as a natural area.  Malletts Creek Forest is located
just North of Scheffler Park in Southeast Ann Arbor  – just a few
minutes walk from Huron Parkway and Washtenaw Avenue.  Preservation of
this natural area would:

· Protect a diverse plant and animal community, including 102 species of
native flowers and trees 
· Protect a natural buffer for Malletts Creek of 3 wetlands, a
floodplain, and a native forest fragment
· Ideally compliment Scheffler Park through a greenway linkage
· Protect land rich in educational, recreational, and water quality
protection opportunities

Malletts Creek Forest is a prime candidate for purchase by the Ann Arbor
Parks and Recreation Department. Your contribution will go into a fund
to help make it possible for the land to be acquired by the Ann Arbor
Parks Department.  Working together we can preserve this beautiful,
ecologically functional forest forever.

Support from large numbers of people is critical. No donation is too
small. Contributors will receive a certificate acknowledging their
support. Our campaign consists of symbolically “purchasing” square yards
of forest:
    - Donations of $5 (1 square yard), $25 (5 square yards) and $100 (20
square yards) are suggested.  You’ll receive a certificate showing
“your” part of the forest.  These make fine gifts.
    - Donations are Tax Deductible. (Checks should be made payable to
the Washtenaw-Potawotami Land Trust.)

Our Malletts Creek Forest certificates make a perfect gift for the
holidays or anytime.  Show your support for preserving a valuable
resource by making a tax-deductible contribution to help put the land in
trust and preserve it for generations to come.  It’s an investment in
the new millennium!  

There are 2 ways to purchase your certificates:
1) Copy and fill out the form below and mail with your check as
directed, or
2) Call us to arrange for certificates to be picked-up or dropped off.

Call Jeannine at 971-5870 to arrange a pick-up or drop-off, if you have
questions, or if you can volunteer to help.  Feel free to pass this gift
opportunity to on to friends.  Thanks for your help.
Malletts Creek Forest Gift Certificates 
Please send me:  
   ____1 square yard “GREEN” certificates at $5 each.          
   ____5 square yard “SILVER” certificates at $25 each.                
   ____20 square yard “GOLD” certificates at $100 each.        
      Total enclosed:_______                                           

Make checks payable to WPLT, write “Malletts Creek Forest” in memo,
and send to:  Washtenaw-Potawotami Land Trust, c/o Ron
Emaus                       Malletts Creek Forest Certificates
              2503 Hampshire
              Ann Arbor, MI 48104