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SG-W:/ Lobby Rep. DeRossett


Here's a way you can take direct action to improve the rules that hamper
sand land use management in our area.  If you are interested, please reply
to Dan Farough.


Message from Dan Farough:

As you may know, Rep. Gene DeRossett is now Chair of a Land Use Committee
appointed by Majority Leader Perricone.  The Sierra Club and MECCE (faith
based group) are working together to find activists from around the state
to set up meetings with members of this committee to lobby them on sprawl
in their district.

Some of the key areas in Rep. DeRossett's district are: Manchester,
Saline, Saline Twp., and Sharon Twp..  If you are represented by Rep.  
DeRossett and might be interested in joining in this effort to change the
rules affecting what cities and townships can do to control sprawl, please
get in touch with me. We will provide information and support and link you
to a counterpart from MECCE.

Thanks for your help.

Dan Farough
Sierra Club, Lansing
email:  daniel.farough@sierraclub.org

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