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Re: SG-W:/ Bluffs

"What would it take to get the city to buy the bluffs with some of the parks
money voted in at the last election?"

    First of all, the developer has to lose interest in the property.  That 
means he has to literally relinquish or let expire his legal interest in the 
property (I'm not sure whether he has an option to buy or some type of 
purchase contract).  Of course, the developer COULD try to sell his interest 
to the City...but I've never known this particular developer to be 
charitable.  (NOTE:  It may put the City in a weaker legal position to defend 
a Council denial of this project if they indicate to the developer--or to the 
public--that they wish to purchase the property).

    Does anybody know the details about the ownership of this property?  In 
particular, who knows the original landowner...and does anybody know him well 
enough to find out what the situation is?  Would he be willing to enter into 
a contract to sell the land which would be contingent upon the developer 
backing out...or even subject to the developer's rights should he not back 

Jack Smiley

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