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SG-W:/ Wind turbines for farms

Here's a little blurb I received in a renewable energy newsletter that we should keep in mind for farmland issues in our county:

- Farmers in Britain could receive more than 100 million [US$145 million at today's exchange rate] over the next 20 years from leasing their land for wind turbines. Annual payments are between 1,000 [US$1450] and 3,000 [US$4350] per wind turbine, and BWEA [British Wind Energy Association] says the Country Landowners Association sees wind as a huge benefit. New turbines should be permitted because they support the rural economy and protect rural environments with very low long-term environmental costs.

Siting wind turbines in subdivisions obviously is more difficult if not impossible currently, but the sight and sound of a turbine on farmland would be fairly tolerable. The wind regime in Washtenaw is far from the best, but there may be several sites that would be worth considering.

The Ann Arbor Energy Commission is about to begin looking into the possibility of obtaining wind-generated electricity for the city. It remains to be seen where the facility would be sited.


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