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SG-W:/ Another farmland energy-related possibility

Strangely enough, the same renewable energy newsletter I referred to in 
my previous message had another piece related to farmland:

- A U.S. company claims to have developed a system that can
store solar energy economically for use at night. SEL's 'Solar
Power & Energy Storage System' will provide cheap power at
high efficiency, and the firm's patent estimates that one square
mile of farmland could produce 876 million kWh a year, which is
an annual income of $43 million to farmers.

When added to the current value of land for farming, compared to its cost 
to the community, relative to the value of the same land when used for 
housing, compared to its cost to the community, the potential for 
additional uses of the farmland for power generation becomes very 
interesting. More income for farmers, more taxes for the county, cleaner 
air for everyone,... Not a bad deal.

Obviously, this technology is a ways off (it's only a "claim" at this 
point), so we'll need to wait for more information. I'll send updates as 
I learn more details.


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