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SG-W:/ [Off-topic] Fwd: Great News From GiveForChange.com

Apologies up front for the somewhat off-topic message.

Here's an opportunity to have up to $25 donation to sprawl-fighting 
organizations like the Sierra Club Foundation (and others) matched by 
Working Assets, if you contribute on the 31st. The match increases to a 
$50 maximum (that's per organization, by the way) after the ball drops 
and the computers fail ;-) It sounds like Working Assets may not use up 
all that matching fund unless more people hear about this. So take 
advantage of it while you can.

Among the list of environmental organizations that will be responsible 
for my tax deduction this year (in case you just don't know what to do 
with all that money and need some suggestions for who to support):

American Rivers
Bluewater Network
Brower Fund
Earth Island Institute
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund
Environmental Defense Fund
Friends of the Earth
John Muir Project
Natural Resources Defense Council
ReThink Paper
Sierra Club Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
The Wilderness Society
Union of Concerned Scientists

Give til it feels good. And have a happy new year!


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Date:        12/29  5:21 PM
Received:    12/30  12:20 PM
From:        GiveForChange.com, Giveforchange@Giveforchange.com
To:          'sbean@berginc.com', sbean@berginc.com

December 29, 1999


You have received this newsletter because you registered or donated money
with GiveForChange.com.  If we have sent it in error, please accept our
apologies and respond to this email with the word
"unsubscribe" in the subject line.  We will remove you from our list.

The Working Assets million dollar match has been extended through January
15th, 2000! And, from the 1st through the 15th of January, your donations 
to $50.00 will be matched 100%.  This is a great way to increase your
donation dollars to your favorite nonprofit groups.  

Please tell your friends and family about GiveForChange and the matching
funds available through January 15, 2000.  All you need to do is forward
this email, tell them about your favorite groups and the important work 
can help support. 

Also, in order to claim donations made in the year 1999 on your taxes, you
must make your donations through GiveForChange.com by 10:00 p.m. Pacific
Standard Time on December 31, 1999.

Ways To Help The Victims Of Floods In Venezuela:

Mudslides and flash flooding have caused what is said to be the most 
disaster in Venezuelan history.  Several reports estimate that the death
toll could be as great as 50,000.  150,000 to 200,000 are left homeless.
And still, the full devastation of this disaster won't be known for months
to come.  

You can help the flood victims by supporting the following groups on
GiveForChange. You can find these groups in the International Relief
and Development or Peace and Human Rights categories.  Or, you can
simply type the group's name in the search box at the top left of any
page on GiveForChange.

The U.S. Committee for UNICEF is providing critical psychological support 
both children and adults in Venezuela.  Specifically, UNICEF practices
psychosocial trauma counseling methods, which it found effective during 
devastation of Hurricane Mitch. To avert disease that is common in 
situations, UNICEF is implementing preventative health measures including
distributing chlorine tablets to purify water and hygiene kits.  The
organization is also working to reunite families and re-open schools by
early January.

A Mercy Corps International assessment team is traveling in Venezuela to 
the flood and mudslide victims.  They are carrying medical supplies to
address the most immediate health problems while additional medical 
are on the way.  The assessment team is also working with local
organizations to obtain emergency relief items. 

The American Friends Service Committee is helping by directing support to
local partners and contacts in Venezuela.  It sent a $2,000 grant to help
these groups respond to the disaster.

Thanks again for supporting social change, and don't forget to take
advantage of our million dollar match through the 15th of January.  It's
waiting at http://www.giveforchange.com.

Have a Safe and Healthy New Year,
Christina Allen
Director, GiveForChange.com

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