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Re: SG-W:/ Bluffs

Thanks, Doug for your info.  I just can't make the meeting tonight.  But
please keep me posted.

--On Tue, Jan 4, 2000 12:14 PM -0500 Anne Heise <aheise@orchard.wccnet.org>

> On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, donna estabrook wrote:
>> What would it take to get the city to buy the bluffs with some of the
>> parks money voted in at the last election?
> Donna,
> I see two opportunities for citizens to work towards making the Bluffs a
> park.
> First, there's something we can do right now to pave the way for the City
> to buy natural areas in general, not just the Bluffs. The land acquisition
> process is guided by the City's "Parks Recreation and Open Space" (PROS)
> plan which states the criteria by which land is evaluated.  The final
> revision to the PROS plan will be the subject of a public hearing tonight,
> Tuesday January 4th, at the Planning Commission meeting (City Hall, 2nd
> floor).  I expect the public hearing to start about 7:15.
> If we want the criteria to emphasize the purchase of property that has
> important natural features and that creates substantial chunks of land
> that protect the watershed and that are suitable wildlife habitat, then we
> have to go to this meeting and say so.  Many others have much different
> views of what should guide acquisitions - and they have had considerable
> input in drafting these land acquisition criteria.  Those who make the
> rules will rule the process for the next five years.  Let's make sure our
> voices are heard.
> The next step is to tell the Parks Advisory Committee that you think a
> particular parcel is worthy of purchase.  This group of citizens,
> appointed by the Mayor and Council, decides what parcels to pursue. I
> suggest waiting to send this letter until after the City Council vote on
> the condo development proposed for the Bluffs, which is expected on
> January 18th.  Only if the developer loses this vote will the City take
> seriously the option of purchasing the Bluffs as a park.
> I'll provide further updates on the timing of the Council vote.
> Doug Cowherd

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