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SG-W:/ I-73 Freeway in Washtenaw county

The I-73 freeway has 3 proposed  optional routes that pass thru the south
west part of the county. Tommorow, I will have the map which shows them on
the Raisin Valley Land Trust  web page ( http://www.umich.edu/~lwk/rvlt.html
<http://www.umich.edu/~lwk/rvlt.html>  ). There are up-coming public
meetings at the end of the month. It would be good if some Washtenaw county
people showed up. 
	- Woody Kellum

*	3:00 PM, Tuesday, January 25th, Tecumseh Community Center, Main Room
703 East Chicago Blvd., Tecumseh.

*	7:00 PM, Tuesday, January 25th, Student Center, Baker College of
Jackson, 2800 Springport Road.

*	12:00 Noon, Wednesday January 26th, St. Mary's Conference Center,
Recital Hall, 502 W Elm, Monroe.

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