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SG-W:/ Fwd: Transfer -- transportation newsletter

Transportation and land use newsletter, from the Surface Transportation 
Policy Project in D.C.

>Subject: Transfer -- transportation newsletter
>Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 11:14:04 -0500
>January 7, 2000
>Surface Transportation Policy Project
>Congress Funds Open Space and Urban Park Programs
>After years of resistance, Congress voted before Christmas to allocate $465
>million for the Land and Water Conservation Fund--$135 million more than
>last year's appropriation and almost double the average of the past 20
>years.  The FY 2000 funding will be used to acquire land inside national
>parks, forests and other publicly-owned areas this year. LWCF includes $40
>million in state matching grant money, which state and local governments
>will use to protect land and create or improve recreational opportunities
>locally.  The Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Program (UPARR) also
>received its first appropriation in years, netting $2 million.
>The conservation and park funding is derived from an annual $ 900 million 
>royalties from offshore oil and gas activities.  Legislation recently 
>by the Resources Committee of the House of Representatives calls for every
>available dollar in the fund to be invested in land protection.  The
>landmark legislation, the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA, H.R. 
>has garnered bipartisan support from 216 cosponsors and 49 governors, and
>could move to a vote as early as this spring. (Environmental News Network,
>To learn how much each state will receive in matching grants, contact
>Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation, tsthilaire@ahrinfo.org.
>For more information on the Young-Miller bill (H.R. 701), visit http://
>Bike Grants Awarded in San Francisco and New York
>In December, the Bikes Belong Coalition approved grants to two of the most
>active bicycle coalitions in the country.  The grant to the San Francisco
>Bicycle Coalition will be used to link low-traffic streets, bike lanes, and
>paths, providing a complete bike network for most of San Francisco's
>residential population and almost all in-city employment.  Based on bike
>usage findings at 2 completed sites, it is estimated that the an additional
>24,000 to 30,000 people to bike to work because of the network.  Bicycle
>usage at the test areas, Valencia Street and 7th Street, has increased by
>113% and 70% respectively after 4 months.
>A grant awarded to Transportation Alternatives in New York City will be 
>to secure the 13-block link currently missing from the City's Hudson River
>Greenway.  Within three years, the scenic greenway is projected to become
>the busiest bike path in North America, carrying 1,000 cyclists per hour at
>peak periods.  It will also be the first time bicyclists will have a
>car-free corridor linking the many popular entertainment, residential, and
>workplace destinations along Manhattan's West Side.  Support from Bikes
>Belong is intended to help Transportation Alternatives win  $800,000 in new
>path construction, to connect $35 million worth of paths now under
>construction by the State and City.  For details, call at 617.734.2800 or
>see http://www.bikesbelong.org.
>American Cities Losing and Gaining Tree Cover
>American cities are losing tree cover at a dramatic rate according to the
>DC-based conservation group American Forests.  Their research of urban
>forests in 6 regions around the country shows that while trees generally
>thrive in these areas, in metropolitan areas they are succumbing to threats
>such as land and road development, soil compaction, smog, disease, and
>neglect.  From 1974 to 1996 in the Atlanta area, the amount of land with
>heavy tree canopy went from 47% of the region to 26%, and developed area
>from 44% to 71%.  Seattle, Washington, DC, Chattanooga, and Canton-Akron
>experienced similar tree loss.
>At the same time, cities such as Milwaukee and Chicago are pursuing
>intensive tree planting and pruning campaigns, resulting in multiple
>benefits according to the US Forest.  In Modesto, CA, the urban forest
>created $5 million in benefits-cleaner air, cooler temperatures and
>stormwater sinks - for less than $3 million. (USA Today, 12/6/99)
>For more details on American Forests and their national sprawl initiative,
>visit http://www.americanforests.org.
>E - Commerce Gives Boost to Courier Messengers
>While the Internet, e-mail and document attachments once seemed destined to
>destroy the livelihoods of bike couriers, e-commerce is now resuscitating
>the once-ailing courier industry.  A recent article in the New York Times
>reported that urban-based Internet businesses like Kozmo.com and
>Urbanfetch.com are employing hundreds of cyclists to deliver products
>formerly delivered by postal or parcel delivery trucks.  In New York City,
>more than 300 messenger companies are competing for business worth over 
>million, and riders are in short supply.  The city also lost 34 cyclists
>last year due to traffic accidents, most of who were couriers. (New York
>Times, 12/24)
>1/9-13 TRB ANNUAL MEETING: Washington, DC. Join more than 8000
>transportation professionals for over 450 sessions.  More info:
>1/11 TRB SYMPOSIUM: "Transportation and Sustainbility," Washington, DC.  4
>sessions will address climate change, transportation elements of
>sustainability, and European examples of sustainable transportation.  More
>info: http://www.nationalacademies.org/trb/ftp/am/Tuesday_Sessions.pdf
>1/12 HAPPY HOUR: 2nd Annual "TFN at TRB," Gathering, Washington DC.
>Sponsored by the Transportation Futures Network and DC CarShare.  DC
>CarShare Meets at 6:00, TFN at 6:30 to 9:00 at the Childe Harold, 1610 20th
>Street NW.  More info: http://www.erols.com/tfn or
>1/19 FORUM: "The Challenges Of Transit-Oriented Development: A Brief 
>Of Grosvenor Village From A Developer's Perspective, " Washington, DC. More
>info and RSVP: 202.667.5445 or debkatz@megsinet.net.
>1/29 EVENT: "Community Vision...Regional Action: Building a Movement For
>Transportation Reform and Social Justice," San Francisco.  More info:
>STPP Seeks Assistant Director for Policy and Program
>STPP is seeking an Assistant Director for Policy and Program for its
>Washington, DC office. To apply, send cover letter, resume, writing sample
>and salary history/requirements to: Roy Kienitz, STPP, 1100 17th Street, 
>10th Flr, Washington, DC  20036, or by fax at 202.462.2247, or see
>Southern CA Transportation and Land Use Coalition Seeks ED
>The newly established Southern California Transportation and Land Use
>Coalition is seeking an Executive Director.  Send resumes to Dan Silver,
>Endangered Habitats League, PMB 592, 8424-A Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles,
>CA, 90069-4267 or by fax at 323.654.1931.  For inquiries, contact
>323.654.1456 or dsilver@exo.com
>PEDS Seeks Project Manager for KidsWalk-to-School
>Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety (PEDS), a non-profit organization
>formed in 1996 to make metro Atlanta safe and accessible for all
>pedestrians, is seeking a Project Manager to oversee a three three-year
>demonstration project to promote children walking to school.  To apply, 
>resume and reference contacts to:  PEDS, c/o Sally Flocks, 1447 Peachtree
>Street, Suite 801, Atlanta, GA 30309.  For details, call 404.873.5667 or
>see www.peds.org
>In Brief...Recent analysis by the US Conference of Mayors finds that 47 of
>the nation's 50 largest metro areas are in the planning phase of some type
>of rail investment, and in 17 areas,  rail projects are now under
>construction.  In total, about 200 projects are in the planning,
>engineering, or construction phase throughout the nation.  This on the
>ground reality is causing many to call for increased funding for the new
>starts program in the upcoming 2001 federal budget.  For more information 
>the rail renaissance visit http://www.edf.org. ...According to research by
>North Texas University economics professor Bernard Weinstein, Dallas light
>rail stations are stimulating development and re-development compared to
>non-transit areas.  The average value of office retail rose 29% and as high
>as 84% in some areas, while non-transit areas averaged 12.8%.  Land prices
>rose by 14.66% and commercial occupancy rose by 8.5% and rents $7-8/sf due
>to transit stations.(Texas Transit Association's Communiqué, 12/17)... A 
>computer game by Aspyr Media awards points to players for their speed,
>racing style, and for hitting pedestrians.  The game, Carmageddon 
>its virtual drivers "race alone or over friends" and mocks "pedestrians
>don't ALWAYS have the right of way.  For details on this sicko game, visit
>Quote of the Week
>"I want to take a comprehensive approach.  Transportation policy means
>looking at it holistically. In order for the city to be the 21st-century
>city I want it to be, transportation must take priority.''
>Mayor-elect Michael B. Coleman, discussing his transportation vision for
>Columbus, Ohio. He also noted that part of the vision is to learn from
>Toronto's successes and Atlanta's mistakes, referring to the former's
>investment in commuter rail and bicycle lanes, and the latter's notorious
>traffic. (Columbus Dispatch, 12/2)
>Transfer--STPP's weekly update--is edited by Nancy Jakowitsch with
>contributions from Charlie King and other STPP staff. If you are not
>currently subscribed, please send us a note via e-mail to:
>transfer@transact.org.  Be sure to include your full mailing address and
>name of your organization, phone and fax numbers.
>The Surface Transportation Policy Project (STPP) is a non-profit, public
>interest coalition of over 200 groups devoted to ensuring that
>transportation policy and investments help conserve energy, protect
>environmental and aesthetic quality, strengthen the economy, promote social
>equity, and make communities more livable.  For more information about STPP
>visit our web site at http://www.transact.org or call 202.466.2636.

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