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SG-W:/ ecology center annual meeting 1/23

Some will argue that the phrase "clean car" is an oxymoron, but the following event may interest some people on this list.


News Release

Will Detroit Go Green?
Ecology Center Meeting on "Who'll Win the Race to Build the Car of the Future"

Automotive journalist and environmental editor Jim Motavalli will keynote the annual meeting of the Ecology Center, on Sunday, January 23, 2000, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., in the Vandenberg Room of the Michigan League, 911 N. University, in Ann Arbor. Mr. Motavalli will be speaking about the future generation of cleaner cars and the driving forces behind their creation.

Jim Motavalli is the editor of E Magazine and the author of the forthcoming Forward Drive: The Race to Build the Car of the Future. Motavalli also writes a syndicated weekly auto review and a periodic column for the New York Times' "Cars" section. While environmentalists charge that the automobile may be the single most environmentally damaging invention in human history, automakers can now build driver-friendly, high-mileage, low-emission cars and trucks using cleaner manufacturing processes. Motavalli will speak about the race between U.S. and foreign automakers to build cleaner cars for a mass market.

The Ecology Center annual meeting also includes program reports, annual environmental awards, and election of the Center's Board of Directors. The meeting is open to the general public, and admission is free. For more information, please call (734) 761-3186 ext. 104 or (734) 663-2400 ext. 116.

The Ecology Center is a regional nonprofit organization which promotes a just and healthy environment through grassroots organizing, education, advocacy, and demonstration projects. The Center is also the parent organization of Recycle Ann Arbor, one of the country's largest community-based recycling programs.

Mike Garfield (734) 761-3186 ext. 104
Charles Griffith (734) 663-2400 ext. 116.
Mike Garfield
Ecology Center
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 761-3186 ext. 104
(734) 663-2414 (fax)

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