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SG-W:/ Bonnybrook Golf Course


If you've ever driven around the Detroit area, you've probably noticed the 
Bonnybrook Golf course at Telegraph Road and Eight Mile Road.  It's 
noteworthy since it is mostly Rouge River floodplain and is oftentimes 
flooded, as floodplains are prone to do.  It is also a tremendous green spot 
amidst the ugliness we call Detroit.

K-Mart is proposing to build a Super Kmart store at the small upland site of 
the club house.  They also intend to fill in significant amounts of 
floodplain (the initial development totals about 15 acres).  Three commercial 
outlots (probably restaurants) are also proposed.

This is the ultimate in what I term "desperation development".   City 
officials seemed determined to overlook the long-term negative implications 
of this development, in favor of their zeal to have development--any 
development--take place in the city.

This particular development is totally out of character for the area.  It is 
surrounded by residential uses and would be a classic case of spot zoning.  
In fact, the Detroit Master Plan calls for this area to be a recreational 
resource, as it should be.  K-mart continues to abandon other developed 
stores in the area, and left a vacant eyesore at Plymouth Road and 
Southfield.  They plan to close another store in conjunction with moving to 
this site.

Although the political skids are greased, two public hearings are planned for 
this project:
    Detroit City Council - Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2000 at 7 p.m.
        at St. Mark's Baptist Church, 24331 W. Eight Mile Road, Detroit
        Hearing on the requested rezoning from single family residential
        Planned Development.

    Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality - Thurs. Jan. 20, 2000 at 7 p.m.
        at Detroit Police Dept, 8th Precinct, Grand River & W. McNichols (6 
        Hearing on application of property owner for permit to construct a 
        detention pond by excavating 1500 cubic yards of material, and to 
        install a retaining wall and place 5600 cubic yards of material within
        the 100 year floodplain.

Please attend if you can.  Statements directed to the Detroit City Council 
and MDEQ are also welcome.

Jack Smiley

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