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SG-W:/Washtenaw County Farmland Preserved

I'm pleased to report that two Washtenaw County farms have been permanently 
preserved through the State of Michigan farmland preservation program.

The Parker farm on Parker Rd. in Scio and Lima Townships closed with the 
state two weeks ago on 188 acres of prime farmland.

The Braun farm on Bemis, Willis and Saline-Milan Rds. in York Township closed 
with the state in December on 214 acres of prime farmland.

The Manny farm, next to the Parkers in Scio, will close with the state soon 
on an additional 40 acres.

These farms and others provide the building blocks for land preservation in 
Washtenaw County.

All received assistance with their applications from the Washtenaw-Potawatomi 
Land Trust.  WPLT has a standing offer to review any applications submitted 
by farmland owners in the county to ensure that all possible points are being 
scored.  If you know of farmland owners who would like to apply, please 
contact me.  

Now if we could just get the state to release applications, like they didn't 
do in 1999...

Barry Lonik

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