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SG-W:/ Stewards of Sharon Twp

To all,

The mobile home battle in Sharon Township is still ongoing and folks there
need as much support as possible.  The informal group Stewards of Sharon is
meeting tonight, 1/24, to formalize their organization, elect officers, and
strategize.  They need all the support we can give them in this hideous
attempt by a mobile home developer to supercede and overthrow the powers
delegated to the township by the Michigan Constitution.

If the lawsuit by the developer is successful, the township will no longer
have jurisdiction over the potential conversion of an environmentally
sensitive property into a massive mobile home park.  Jurisdiction would be
placed in the hands of the Michigan Mobile Home Commission, a government
entity chock full of industry representatives from the mobile home
manufacturing and development industry (kind of like putting the fox in
charge of the hen house).

Below is information on tonight's meeting and on the Stewards of Sharon.

Please consider helping out this group in this important case--either with
your time or a contribution.  Contact info is at the bottom of the page.

Jeff Surfus

STEWARDS OF SHARON             "The Sprawl Stops Here"

Dear Neighbor,

As expected, the Landon Co. mobile home developer is suing Sharon Township,
asking Judge Swartz in a Circuit Court case to begin Jan. 26, to set aside
the local zoning ordinance and clear the way for them to do as they please
here, under the jurisdiction of the MMHC in Lansing.

The time has come for our group to organize a bit more formally.  It has
been difficult to know what activities could actually make a difference in
our goal of upholding the township land use plan.  We believe that filing a
motion with Judge Swartz, to appear as a Friend of the Court, could be
effective. The Southwest Washtenaw Council of Governments has agreed to join
us, and Steve Olsen has volunteered to prepare the motion and the brief.
Several surrounding jurisdictions are lending support by filing their own
similar motions.

In order to become a viable group, SOS will adopt by-laws and elect officers
at a meeting Monday, January 24, at 7:30 p.m. at the Sharon Township hall,
18010 Pleasant Lake Road.  Please consider serving as an officer, or
suggesting someone who could.

We will be a more effective force if our officers and members are drawn from
a wider area than just the Waldo Road/M-52 area.  A large list of members
from Sharon Township and across Washtenaw County will strengthen our motion
and other actions.  Please join the effort and sign up with a $1.00 minimum
contribution.  Ask your friends and neighbors to join, also.

Everyone can help by spreading the word to all possible supporters about
this meeting and about signing up as a member, friends and family from
outside Sharon Township, too.

We expect that the Stewards of Sharon will be an ongoing group, supporting
our township officials as they plan for accommodating the inevitable growth
coming our way.  Citizen involvement is essential as our township works
toward orderly growth.  Many issues, besides mobile homes, must be dealt
with.  The problems reach beyond our borders and the solutions involve
regional cooperation.  In the long term, we need the energy and wisdom of
all citizens, near and far.

See you at the meeting, or return this info to-----?  Stewards of Sharon

14689 Waldo Road
(Phone Charlotte Anderson at 734-475-8168)          Chelsea, MI 48118
(Phone Bob Guysky at 517-522-3667 or rg58@daimlerchrysler.com)

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