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FYI. Three books to check out.


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Over the past two years, the concepts of "sustainable communities" and 
"smart growth" have begun to make their way into the public parlance. 
While the general tenets of "growing greener" are increasingly accepted 
among residents of rapidly urbanizing areas, actually implementing the 
nuts and bolts of sustainable community design in the context of the 
broader urban fabric remains a daunting proposition.

Island Press is pleased to announced three recently released titles on 
sustainable community design; additional volumes are profiled in an 
enhanced version of this feature at http://www.islandpress.org

Designing Sustainable Communities: Learning from Village Homes
By Michael Corbett and Judy Corbett

Village Homes outside of Davis, California offers one of the best 
examples of time-tested sustainable community design. Built between 1975 
and 1981 on 60 acres of land, Village Homes offers extensive common 
areas and green space; community gardens, orchards, and vineyards; 
narrow streets; pedestrian and bike paths; solar homes; and an 
innovative ecological drainage system.  Designing Sustainable 
Communities offers an inside look at the development of Village Homes 
from start to finish, describing how the project came about, obstacles 
that needed to be overcome, design approaches taken, problems 
encountered and how they were solved, and changes that have occurred 
over the years.

Growing Greener: Putting Conservation Into Local Plans and Ordinances
By Randall Arendt

Growing Greener is an illustrated workbook that presents a new look at 
designing subdivisions while creating open space networks. Randall 
Arendt explains how to design residential developments that maximize 
land conservation without reducing overall building density, thus 
avoiding the political and legal problems often associated with
"down-zoning."  He offers a strategy for shaping growth around a 
community's special natural and cultural features by incorporating a 
strong conservation focus into the municipal comprehensive plan and 
zoning and subdivision ordinances. Open space protection becomes the 
central organizing principle for new residential development, 
creating an interconnected system of protected lands running across a 
community. Growing Greener includes case studies of actual conservation 
developments, and exercises suitable for group participation.

Green Urbanism: Learning from European Cities
By Timothy Beatley

While growth management initiatives are underway in the U.S., many 
American "success stories" provide only one piece of the puzzle.  To 
find examples of a holistic approach to dealing with sprawl, one must 
turn to models outside of the U.S. In Green Urbanism, Timothy Beatley 
explains what planners in the U.S. can learn from the sustainable city 
movement in Europe. The book examines the progress and policies of 25 of 
the most innovative cities in 11 European countries. Chapters examine:

- The sustainable cities movement in Europe
- Examples and ideas of housing and living options
- Transit systems and policies for minimizing the role of the  
- Creative ways of incorporating greenness into cities
- Ways of readjusting "urban metabolism" so that waste flows become
- Programs to promote more sustainable forms of economic development
- Sustainable building and sustainable design measures and features
- Renewable energy initiatives and local efforts to promote solar 
- Ways of greening the many decisions of local government including
  ecological budgeting, green accounting, and other city management 

You can visit an enhanced version of this feature, complete with links 
to the best Websites on the topic, at http://www.islandpress.org

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