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SG-W:/ North Main - Bluffs Area

Peter Allen sent me the following letter, so I thought I'd forward it to 
those of you who are interested in the Bluffs area. (We own a house on the 
N. Main Corridor - this was a general mailing)
To: All North Main Property Owners
From: Peter Allen, Allen & Kwan Commercial
RE: North Main Redevelopment Issues and Opportunities
When: Wednesday, March 8, 2000 from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Where: NEW Center Conference Room, 1100 N. Main

Please join me and Gerry Clark from City Parks and Rec dept. to review all 
the development plans for North Main. We will ask each owner involved in new 
construction to explain their plans and goals.

David Kwan, Jim Lamb and I are involved in 4-5 buildings on North Main, WAP 
John plans his new building, and Gerry will explain all his discussions with 
the railroad and his hopes for connecting Argo and Bandemer Park. The west 
side of Main is also full of potential. What else do you know about?

Besides getting the straight skinny on what's in the pipeline, we ought to 
discuss using our combined redevelopment plans to form some sort of a 
Redevelopemnt District. We might get the city to plow a portion of the 
increases in property taxes from rehab and new constructiuon into North Main 
Street and Huron River infrastructure improvements. I think City Hall would 
be very open to cooperating in a significant way.

Please join us. RSVP to me at 996-8821 or "ptallen@umich.edu"
That's the end of the letter. Peter's on this listserv, so I'm sure he'll 
want you there if you're concerned about the North Main evironment as well 
as development. I'm going but can only make it to the very end. I do urge 
everyone interested in the Bluffs, Bandemer, and the Huron River, as well as 
those who own homes in the entire North Central area, to RSVP and attend.

Tina Lirones
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