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Re: SG-W:/ North Main - Bluffs Area

Thanks, Christina, for sharing the Peter Allen letter about the "North Main 
Corridor." I also live in the corridor, but haven't yet received the letter. 
I have a couple of comments about it:
1) Friends of the Bluffs -- and its dedicated and numerous supporters -- has 
no intention of giving up the fight to preserve the Bluffs North property 
adjacent to Bluffs Park. It's a vital piece of steep-sloped forest along the 
Huron River that hundreds of Ann Arborites have shown a keen interest in 
protecting. Our members and friends who attend North Main meeting will make 
that point known to any developer who is present.
2) Having a "community" meeting on a Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 is a curious 
time to schedule such an event. One wonders just how much citizen feedback 
can take place during a work day in the middle of a work week.
--Bill Hanson, First Ward resident and Friend of the Bluffs


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