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SG-W:/ Voting Information

The Michigan presidential primaries are upon us, and critical
environmental concerns are at stake.  The system for voting is a tad

Tuesday, February 22:  this is an open primary for Republican and Reform
Party candidates.  Anyone can vote, as there is no formal party
registration in Michigan.  Vote at your normal polling place.

Saturday, March 11:  This is the closed Democratic presidential primary
(also called a firehouse caucus) run by the Democratic Party.  To vote,
you must be willing to self-identify as a Democrat.  You can vote in
person, by going to the proper one of 6 sites in the county, none of
which are your regular voting locations, and you must be in line by 11

A much easier method is to vote by absentee ballot.  Contact me by email
and I will send you an application.  This goes to the Party in Lansing,
which mails out the ballot.

For the short primary season, the Washtenaw Gore for President
Headquarters, Ann Arbor, is at 304 S. State.  Phone is 994-0481 or
741-1062. Volunteers are urgently sought.  An Ypsilanti office will be
open soon.

Added campaign note:  The Michigan League of Conservation Voters expects
to host Sen. Tom Harkin this Saturday, Feb. 19, at 10:30 at the Michigan
Union.  More details to follow.

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