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SG-W:/ Parkland Victory Hits the Grapevine


The story of the Ann Arbor Parkland Acquisition victory was re-told last
month in the pages of "The Grapevine", the newsletter of the Northeast
Ohio Land Trust Coalition.  It's great that our story might help inspire
other communities with land worth preserving.

Speaking of inspiring, I was awe struck to read in "the Grapevine" about
the little town of Twinsburg, Ohio where citizens just voted to tax
themselves $11 million dollars over 20 years to buy a 908 acre parcel
featuring numerous wetlands and a sandstone ledge.  The land was slated as
a site for up to 1600 homes.  This small town will have over 2200 acres of
preserved open space - more than Ann Arbor currently has.

It's not cheap to preserve land.  But it's not wise to let it all be
developed.  I'm glad to live in a community where wisdom can triumph now
and then.

Doug Cowherd
Chair, Sierra Club-Huron Valley Group

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