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SG-W:/ Sierra Club/Huron Valley Group's Shopping for the Earth program expands!


The Sierra Club/Huron Valley Group's "Shopping For The Earth" program has
just added Whole Foods Markets/Merchant of Vino and Borders Books & Music to
our list of participating merchants.  With seven retail partners, it's
easier than ever for you to contribute to the Sierra Club and protect the
environment every time you shop -- at no cost to you!

Here's how it works:  HVG buys gift certificates from our retail partners at
a small discount and re-sells them at face value.  We use the difference to
fund local environmental education and conservation activities.  Best of
all, the buyers of the gift certificates get $1 in merchandise for every $1
they spend, so it costs nothing to participate.

With our new retail partners, there are more opportunities than ever before
to help the environment while you shop.  Whether or not you're a Sierra Club
member, you can use certificates to buy any item except lottery tickets or
money orders from Kroger, Borders, Whole Foods/Merchant of Vino, Meijer's,
Farmer Jack, the Ann Arbor People's Food Co-Op
(where members still get their membership bonus), or Arbor Farms.  All you
have to do is complete and mail in the order form at the bottom of this
message with your check; I'll send you the certificates, and then you spend
the certificates in the corresponding store just as if they're cash.  For
more information, contact me by email at tiger3@provide.net or by phone at
(734) 995-1831.


Huron Valley Group "Shopping for the Earth" Order Form

Please indicate the number of gift certificates of each denomination you
want for each store in the table below, and list the total value of your
order ($500 maximum) here:   $ ______ .   Please be sure to enclose your
check, made payable to "Huron Valley Group - Sierra Club."

                                          $5        $10        $20
Kroger                              ____    _____   _____   _____
Borders                            ____    _____   _____   _____
Whole Foods                   ____    _____   _____   _____
Farmer Jack                    ____    _____   _____   _____
Meijer's                             ____    _____   _____   _____
Arbor Farms                    ____    _____   _____   _____
People's Food Co-Op    ____    _____   _____   _____

Your Name:                  ______________
Your Address:              ______________
Your Phone:                 ______________
Your email:                   ______________

Mail to:  Michael Sklar
              2545 Meade Court
              Ann Arbor, MI  48105

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