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SG-W:/ Lima township public hearing

Christine and others,
Jeff is correct that this is a great opportunity to do some important work at the local level by running for a position on the Lima Township board.
There is a serious issue at hand regarding the development of a 650 unit mobile home park.  The land is currently zoned agriculture and there are wetlands and a fairly good size of old growth oaks on this property as well.  This will all be altered and lost if the developer gets the rezoning.  Concerned Citizens of Lima is a group organized to oppose this rezoning.  We have spent many hours researching what kind of impact the development will have on this still rural area.  The ramifications are long lasting and irreparable.  There will be a public hearing on March 28 at 7:30 pm the location is not yet known.  I will openly beg anybody who is interested to come and show your support against the REZONING of this property.
This website  is a great form of communication and sharing of ideas, yet the physical presence of many who are against development at the expense of farmland is powerful too.