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Re: SG-W:/ Fall elections - 2000

I heartily echo Jeff's comments.  Our current predicament is in large part 
due to the presence of well-meaning but less informed (or less dedicated) 
individuals serving on township boards, and the county board of commissioners 
(and in some cases the presence of well-informed individuals dedicated to 
seeing every last inch of open land paved over with houses and commercial 
buildings).  We need the folks on this list serve and others to step up and 
submit nominations for these positions this year, while we still have 
excellent opportunities to do the real work.

Bob Johnson's comments were also right on target:  find a couple friends or 
neighbors and run on a slate.  We'll help you with messages and platforms, 
but you have to turn in the paperwork.  Don't think it's not possible, or 
that it will be overwhelming.  Quality people are needed.  Go for it!

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