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SG-W:/ M-52 bypass


Nice talking with you. I remembered some other sources for you after we 
hung up.

The Huron Land Use Alliance is a local group that's active in evaluating 
land use decisions in Washtenaw County. Jeff Kahan and Kris Olsson are 
the main contacts. Kris also works at the Huron River Watershed Council 
(http://comnet.org/hrwc/ or www.hrwc.org), which may be of assistance. 
Barry Lonik is the director of the Washtenaw-Potawatomi Land Trust, which 
works to protect farmland and other open spaces in and around the county. 
They and many others are active on this email listserv called Smartgrowth 
Washtenaw (not to be confused with the Sustainable Washtenaw group I told 
you about.) I can send you info on subscribing to the list. I hope you 
don't mind me spreading the word.


Liz Wilson is a Sylvan Township resident and a member of Citizens for 
Logical Land Use, a group trying to stop the M-52 bypass around Chelsea. 
You may have seen the AANews article Sunday 
which stated in part, "The proposed thoroughfare would cut a 
three-mile-long swath across a dozen family farms, woods and wetlands in 
eastern Sylvan Township, even encroach on a nursing home with 300 elderly 
residents." It's just the type of sprawl-inducing "solution" that we've 
seen too much of in the past.

Note that the Main Street traffic problem is a "rush-hour bottleneck", 
and that the seven alternatives considered were options for redirecting 
the traffic, rather than reducing or managing it (according to Liz.) The 
article also states that "Creating a regional route from I-94 north on 
Fletcher Road, east on Dexter-Chelsea Road, north on Lima Center Road, 
west on Island Lake Road and linking up with Werkner Road would be too 
costly, according to consultants." I think "too costly" are the key words 
here, and should be checked out relative to the true (including hidden) 
costs of the proposed bypass. I don't want to imply that the Chelsea Area 
Traffic Study Committee didn't do their job, but maybe they overlooked 
something. I also don't mean to imply that the News (Chong Pyen) is 
accurate in any of their coverage, so maybe Liz can provide the real 
story. ;-)

Please respond to the group if you have anything to offer. I'm planning 
on sending Liz some info on the Michigan Land Use Institute, but we have 
great local resources and volunteers, so I hope you'll all consider 
pitching in. I don't know the timeline on the project or what 
opportunities remain for public input, but I suspect Liz does. I'm hoping 
it's not too late to achieve a better outcome.

Thanks for "listening". I just wanted to hook Liz up with some folks who 
might be of assistance. Please cc me on any communications not sent to 
the list so I can keep up with it.


Steven R. Bean
1002 Hutchins
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4808
(734) 741-9319

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