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SG-W:/ Al Gore

  To Jan BenDor,
       I wrote this message to Al Gore but have not yet determined where to send it. It is my belief that Sprawl is the ultimate Sustainability issue because we can never get enough energy from solar, wind, and biomass to satisfy present consumption. We will run out of oil and gas much faster than people think and our economics will change completely. There must be a master plan for avoidance of the misery that is sure to come.
  To Vice President Al Gore,
    It is my belief that our society is unsustainable because eventually we will run out of oil, natural gas, fertiizer, topsoil, and farmland. By increasing the population, continued immigration will make the situation much worse. Presently we are importing more than half of our oil. In a few years, this proportion will increase, and most of the countries of the world will be dependent on Arab oil. I intend to vote for you because it is my feeling that you are the only candidate who may realize the true nature of our unsustainability and will do something to protect my grandchildren from starvation and freezing to death. Based on the inevitable consequences of running out of oil and the simultaneous horrible consequences that may come from Global Warming it is correct to say that this generation is murdering its own children. Halfway measures will not be enough. We must stop Urban Sprawl by not building houses and by building four story apartments. We must concentrate on apartments, wind, solar, and biomass. We must have work programs like the CCC which will mass plant trees and recycle materials from houses which are torn down to make way for apartments. We must invest immediately in Cogeneration and windmills. The good news about Sustainability measures is full employment. The bad news is that luxuries must be highly taxed.
     I understand that the measures neaded to combat unsustainability are completely unpopular and would prevent your election if you advocated them. However, it is also true that the Republicans have mounted a propaganda campaign to the effect that you are political and deceptive. In fighting Bradley you have become so liberal that to people who have common sense it almost sounds like a giveaway contest. In contrast, McCain gives the impression of sincerity and strength of purpose. You need an issue to be firm and sincere on which does not buy votes. That issue should be caring for our Grandchildren. This emphasizes Character.
     One tactic is to try to get Bill Clinton, the Union of Concerned Scientists, or anyone of stature to come out hard on the issue of Sustainability and publicize what we are doing to our grandchildren. Bill is a lame duck and can afford to take the heat of any resultant unpopularity. Anything that anyone does to publicize the threat of running out of oil takes some of the heat off of you but reinforces your image as a conservationist. One of your problems is that you are already ridiculed as someone who is Environment silly, partly because materialistic people do not understand the love of nature. You image will be improved if the public can be convinced that the children are at risk and therefore you are not a fool or charlatan.
     Another thing that could be done without immediately advocating all of the unpleasant meaasures would be with great fanfare, to announce the formation of a committee composed of scientists and engineers to study Sustainability. The bad news could then come from them after the election rather than from you.
     I am convinced that McCain will beat you either as a Republican or as an Independent if you do not change tactics. Please announce the formation of a Sustainability committee with local chapters. I would like to get on this committee because I know what must be done. Such a committee must deal with our waste of natural resources. It could help to formulate a taxing plan which would be more politically acceptable. Congress people like Lynn Rivers who I have met several times might be of help in forming local chapters. 
     I am not interested in what you have done about Sustainability because it is not enough. I am interested about what you are going to do about it.
                               Yours Truly 
                 Kermit Schlansker PE     kssustain@provide.net  
2960 Marshall St    Ann Arbor, Mi 48108