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Finally, a bit of good news!

The Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy recently signed a purchase agreement 
to acquire an additional 10 acre parcel adjacent to our LeFurge Woods 
property in Superior Township.  This will bring our total acreage at LeFurge 
Woods to 181 acres, and it will give us 3/4 mile of frontage along Prospect 
Road.  The 10 acre parcel is just to the north of our created wetland and 
will provide an excellent buffer.  We are now assured that no development 
will ever be viewed from within the wetland area.

If you've never been to our wetland (on Prospect Road, 3/4 mile north of 
Geddes) springtime is a great time to visit.  Although technically still 
winter, we've seen a number of migratory waterfowl coming through.  
Yesterday, I observed 250 Canada geese and 70 mallard ducks taking advantage 
of the wetland.  Amongst the flock were two trumpeter swans.  The swans have 
been there for the past couple days, but I'm not sure how much longer they'll 
stick around.  Last year, they only stayed for a day...but now the wetland 
has much more vegetation for food, so maybe they'll be around for a while.  
Also, muskrats are active and chorus frogs are singing already.  
Feel free to visit.

Jack Smiley
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy

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