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SG-W:/ Fwd: NEWMARKET ALERT! Meeting Thurs 3/9

>From: harvey@ic.net (Craig Harvey)
>Subject: NEWMARKET ALERT! Meeting Thurs 3/9
>The Preliminary Site Plan for the proposed Newmarket development
>(would be the largest development in Washtenaw County) will be
>presented at a special public meeting of the Pittsfield Twp
>Planning Commission this Thurs night, March 9, at 7:30pm, at the
>Pittsfield Twp Hall, Platt & Michigan Ave.
>Please come and see for yourself:
>  - how big this development would really be
>  - whether it is really worth all the side effects on existing
>    Pittsfield residents (traffic, taxes, etc.)
>  - how citizen input and township requirements are being ignored
>    and/or sidestepped in this whole process.
>Craig Harvey
>Vice President
>Forever Green

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