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SG-W:/ Factory Farm Problems

In case anyone has any suggestions for my friend in Hillsdale...
Craig <harvey@ic.net>

...Also, if anyone might have a connection in (or idea as to how to get one)
in the State Attorney General's office?  In Hillsdale Co. we are 5 weeks
into a struggle with a factory farm corporation that wants to site in the SE
corner of the County.  It's a poor, rural, unzoned, Republican township.
Just what they want.  But Hillsdale may not be the pushover they anticipate.
We won the last two high stakes environmental struggles.  But anyway, we
have been getting stories - rumours?  - that our County Commission could
impose a moratorium on these guys on the basis of its being a public health
threat.  Any ideas, we could surely use them.


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