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SG-W:/ Sprawl

    I urge you to read two articles in Sunday's AA News, one at A8, and the other on A7. The first article states that this winter has been the warmest in 150 years of records.
     The second article is entitled Older European cities take the car keys away. This article describes a car free area near Freiburg Germany, which is my wife's home town. This is the best way to combat Urban Sprawl. Europe uses less than half the energy/capita  that we do and fewer cars and more apartments are reasons for that. Oil is just going to keep on going up in price and I would hope that environmentalists would urge the government to not reduce energy taxes, and not use up the oil reserves. That oil reserve only amounts to about a 3 months supply at full usage and should definitely be saved for national emergencies.     
     If there were any support for it, it would be possible to turn some city area into an Eco village. In this area, one or two large buildings would be created which would provide a general store, catalog store, elementary school, work areas, and all of the other things that people ordinarily drive to. Gradually houses in the area would be converted to apartments, thus freeing land for gardens.
     No one likes these ideas but people have to start thinking of the dreadful society which will result from bad weather and no oil. Children have rights too.
                               Kermit Schlansker