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Re: SG-W:/ Sprawl

The city of Utrecht in the Netherlands also has a laarge car-free zone.

--On Mon, Mar 13, 2000 10:56 AM -0500 Kermit Schlansker
<kssustain@provide.net> wrote:

>                                          Articles 
>    I urge you to read two articles in Sunday's AA News, one at A8, and
>    the other on A7. The first article states that this winter has been
>    the warmest in 150 years of records. The second article is entitled
>      Older European cities take the car keys away. This article describes
>      a car free area near Freiburg Germany, which is my wife's home town.
>      This is the best way to combat Urban Sprawl. Europe uses less than
>      half the energy/capita  that we do and fewer cars and more
>      apartments are reasons for that. Oil is just going to keep on going
>      up in price and I would hope that environmentalists would urge the
>      government to not reduce energy taxes, and not use up the oil
>      reserves. That oil reserve only amounts to about a 3 months supply
>      at full usage and should definitely be saved for national
>      emergencies.       If there were any support for it, it would be
>     possible to turn some city area into an Eco village. In this area,
>     one or two large buildings would be created which would provide a
>     general store, catalog store, elementary school, work areas, and all
>     of the other things that people ordinarily drive to. Gradually houses
>     in the area would be converted to apartments, thus freeing land for
>     gardens. No one likes these ideas but people have to start thinking
>      of the dreadful society which will result from bad weather and no
>      oil. Children have rights too. 
>                               Kermit Schlansker

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