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SG-W:/ Need Contacts

Hi everyone!

Jodie Upton at the Detroit News called today, wanting to do an articl on 
sprawl in Washtenaw Co. I'm going to talk to her about Pittsfield (Thanks, 
Craig) but she needed some names and phone numbers/emails of other contacts 
in other townships, specifically Salem Township.

I'm giving her the names of the Salem folks who were in the paper recently 
(AA News, Friday, March 3)that are in Friends of Salem. I thought this might 
also be a good opportunity for other folks to contact her; I'm thinking 
maybe a rep from each group, like Erica Perry from the Webster group APRON, 
someone from SOS (Stewards of Sharon), etc.

I'm meeting with Jodie on Friday. March 17 here at the farm, so if you can 
contact her right away, that would be great. To me, it's interesting that 
Detroit is fighting to count every single person in the census, because if 
they fall under a million people, they stand to lose a lot of  federal aid, 
and meanwhile here, in the townships particularly, we are seeing 
well-organized groups fighting to keep the urban population out of 
Agricultural and open lands. Developers want our land for money, and they 
don't care if both the city and the countryside are destroyed in the 
process, as long as they get rich.

Anyhow, here is Jodie's email and phone number. I urge each group to get 
involved. We need to link up with the Detroit area on this enormous problem: 
(313) 561-8768  jupton@detnews.com

PS- did anyone attend Peter Allen's thing at the New Center on March 6 re: 
the North Main Corridor? I couldn't make it. Talk to you soon, Tina Lirones

Also, I thought maybe a rep of each Twp group might like to contact her, for 
example, Erica
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