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SG-W:/ Detroit News & Freep

OK, Gentlemen, thank you so much for your words of caution. Since I've been 
doing PR for 15 years now, I think I can manage to talk to a reporter from 
any newspaper. Yes, I'm aware that they all have their agendas, and I 
generally just try to do the best I can to get the subject reported 
accurately, usually by providing itemized photocopies of specific documents. 
Yes, lots of editing and redirection occurs, but I think we've been doing 
pretty well with what we've got to work with. You get the message out, you 
stay on point, and you have documentation, and you can't worry too much 
about the editorial bias. That's why I started my own newspaper in 
Pittsfield, to make sure MY editorial bias gets as much play as the Other 

Jeepers, Bill, thanks for emailing Jody that you consider her an 
untrustworthy scab. Because you for sure get a better angle if you start 
right off calling your reporter a scab, ha ha.

So, do we want to have some kind of a policy here? No crossing the picket 
line to talk to the Freep? No talking to the AA News because of the rotten 
way they treated us on Proposal 1? (Hey, AA News shafted me when I ran for 
County Commissioner, but I still work with them, for the good of the cause.) 
Just let me know, but keep in mind we could run out of acceptable media 

I do always wonder whether as a good Democrat I can talk to the Freep, but I 
have in the past done articles with them. Seriously, are we boycotting? Or 
not? Is it OK to work with them on articles, but just not buy the paper? 
That's what I've been doing.  Tina.

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