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Re: SG-W:/ Detroit News & Freep

If you will kindly look at my email again you should notice that I gave you 
no tips on how to do PR. Sorry if I offended you, but I have a moral 
obligation to point out to others who might read this list serve that talking 
to the Detroit News and Free Press -- even with the aim of doing 
environmental PR -- is not a squeaky clean thing to do at the moment. My aim 
was simply to inform. Emilia Askari, at the Free Press, though, who covers 
environmental issues, and who was called back to work, has the Newspaper 
Guild's blessing for crossing the picket line. She would be a much better 
contact to have, I believe. With a media blackout on these issues, I don't 
expect that most readers would know this. As for name calling, I simply 
described the situation as it is. You chose to include the reporter on the 
list serve exchange.
--Bill Hanson

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