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SG-W:/ Comments Needed: Draft Southern Michigan Trails Management Plan

Hi folks,

MDNR has finished the first wave of a process to write a trails management plan for southern michigan.  The draft management plan was assembled by Public Policy Associates with significant input from a wide stakeholders group including environmentalist, equestrians, bikers, hikers, skiers and park managers.

** DNR is accpeting comments on the draft plan through May 1st, 2000. **

** The draft is available on the web today at www.publicpolicy.com/draft%20plan.htm and will be available from the DNR's website later this week**

** Comments may be sent via email to ppa@publicpolicy.com or fax at (517) 485-4488.**


Conan Smith
Land Programs Director
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette, Suite 2A
Lansing, MI  48912
Ph. (517) 487-9539
Fx. (517) 487-9541