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SG-W:/ FWD: Wind Power presentation

I'm forwarding this Enviro-Mich message just in case of few of you 
SmartGrowthers are interested in wind energy and it's relationship to "living 
on the land".  Steve Smiley recently installed a wind turbine in Superior 
Township, on a horse farm on Prospect Road across from LeFurge Woods.  I hear 
he's pretty good...and, yes, he's my cousin.   ; )
Jack Smiley

Enviro-Mich message from David Wright <wrightd@mail.voyager.net>

Brave Michigan's spring gales and come hear Steven Smiley, energy economist
and wind energy expert, discuss wind energy on April 19 at 7:00 pm at the
Brighton District Library, 100 Charles Orndorf Dr., Brighton, Michigan.
Mr. Smiley was instrumental in developing the nation's first green rate
wind energy program for the Traverse City Power and Light utility in
Traverse City, Michigan.  This project was the first commercial wind
turbine installed in Michigan and for a time it was the largest wind
turbine in the United States.  As a representative for the Union of
Concerned Scientists, Steven has been a member of the “Green Group” utility
deregulation sub-committee expert panel which is preparing a green rating
methodology ("Power Scorecard") for evaluating electric utility green

He has worked extensively in the renewable energy field both in the United
States and internationally, including Alaska, Canada, California and with
various Danish renewable energy organizations such as the Danish
Folkecenter for Renewable Energy.  He has a broad base of experience in the
residential and commercial wind energy field.  His family residence has
been independently electric powered from wind and solar for thirteen years.
Currently Mr. Smiley is working on expanding commercial wind power for
Michigan in conjunction with a new company, Bay Windpower, LLC.  

For more information or to get directions to the Brighton District Library,
contact David Wright at wrightd@voyager.net or at (313) 248-6066 between
9:00am and 3:00pm during the work week.


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