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SG-W:/ airport/Newmarket

Peter (Allen)

Hi Peter, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. We didn't have a computer 
for a while. I would echo what Jeff Marine said about the "Newmarket at the 
Airport" concept. Frankly, most of us like the airport pretty well, and 
would find a traffic snarling, school crowding, polluting subdivision 
infinitely less acceptable. Let me know how this flies if you present it 
anywhere, but I can't see a lot of support from Pittsfield, though I 
certainly don't speak for everyone. I'm sure you realize that your plan 
would not get rid of the Newmarket developer - we'd probably just end up 
with two humongous developments if we converted the airport too. To keep 
this land forever green, the only option is puchasing the land or getting 
folks to donate conservation easements, etc., in Central Pittsfield, and 
keep the airport as is.

To Bob and others - this was an idea that Peter floated past me some time 
ago, but I didn't have time to respond: He suggested eliminating the Ann 
Arbor Airport, moving air traffic to Willow Run, and putting the Newmarket 
Development on the AA Airport site, saving the Newmarket land (Central 
Pittsfield) for a park, though the mechanism for funding the park was 
unclear. Just a thought on Peter's behalf.

All the best, Tina

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