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Re: SG-W:/ Re: Great Counties have great parks

Vivian Armentrout

Obviously you have no children of an age playing soccer or other sports that 
require park space These community ed related and soccer association  sports 
are very good for our children. In Dexter where we live these kids are not 
running the streets They are being escorted by their parents to events that 
are monitored and chaperoned where the worst thing that can happen is a kid 
might get a little hurt. that happens in any sport.

The problem you have is this. The soccer field may not be the best use of 
space for you personally but in the over all scheme of things  it is good for 
the community as a whole.

The same argument applies to senior citizens who feel that they shouldn't pay 
school taxes because they have no children in school. Many senior citizens 
feel that paying taxes  will help the next generation .

Gary Haller
RIDE998 @A.O.L

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