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SG-W:/ Welcome to local control and sprawl . . .

Sharing a little something that I sent to my Greens list last night...

Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2000, 10:33 PM -0400
From: Craig Harvey <harvey@ic.net>

You might check the news tomorrow (Thurs 4/20) for anything to do with the
Green Oak Twp meeting (like maybe the South Lyon Herald).  500+ very irate
citizens having to listen to their board vote FOR a legal settlement with
a developer, after two years of the township officials and residents
saying NO to the development, and following an hour and a half tonight of
residents saying no to the settlement (including many offers to kick in
money to pay continuing legal fees as needed).  As I was driving away I
think a couple police cars were headed there to reinforce the two cops
who had been there during the meeting to maintain the peace.  Now all we
need is someone to enforce democracy.  And I thought we had it bad in
Pittsfield.  It truly made me cry. 

Craig <harvey@ic.net>

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