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SG-W:/ misc.

Hi everyone-
Just catching up.

Someone in Scio definitely should try to put a parks millage on the ballot. 
We did it here in Pittsfield, and it passed overwhelmingly a few years ago. 
I think, though, that Scio doesn't have an elected Parks Board as we do in 
Pitts. You might want that. We also have a whole Parks and REc Dept. with 
numerous programs.

Soccer and Natural areas: Have both. Natural area preservation is critical 
to our environmental health, though, so should not be ignored. Here in 
Pitts, we had a terrific opportunity to buy 150 acres of wonderful land that 
could have provided both, but our very curious board refused to buy it, 
saying that at $6000 per acre it was too expensive (Not one piece of land 
could be bought for less in Pitts). (Unfortunately, tho the citizens pay for 
the millage, we have no say in how it is spent). That provided a wonderful 
opportunity for the Newmarket developer, no fool, to snap it up with an 
opption (I think if we can kill that off, it might be available again. 
That's where the citizens want Heritage Park, if only we can evict the pro 
development clique now in power on our board.) To show you how stupid 
Woolley, Skrobola, Shelton, and Bocklage were, they just agreed to pay over 
twenty thousand an acre for another parcel, with our parks millage money. So 
a millage is a good idea, but try to elect people who are not completely in 
the developer's pockets to go with it. We've failed in that regard here in 
Pitts.(We have a super Parks Commission; unfortunately, the actual millage 
money is controlled by the board, a majority of whom want insane levels of 
development here)

Let's look into no pesticide/no fertilizer options for soccer fields. 
Vivienne makes a good point about the tree-lessness, which is why we need 
both natural and active areas.

By the way, Vivienne, our little consumer Ag. group with Mike Score has some 
test plots at Gallup park testing ground up soy beans as a natural 
alternative to commercial fertilizer. Public input is sought; I'll get a 
better description of the location and post it.

MAKE DEVELOPERS provide soccer fields for the populations they bring and for 
the community at large. Right now, they only "preserve" land they can't 
build on. These little scraps of habitat are nice, but do little for 
wildlife preservation and less for soccer enthusiasts.

I do believe soccer fields are in the works for the AA soccer association on 
the corner of Ellsworth and Lohr.

Craig - that sucks in Green Oak. My mom read me the same article over the 
phone. Really upsetting. I hope we can get a referendum on Newmarket, and 
the two other monster PUDs being proposed on Mich. Ave., and that the board 
can't circumvent our rights. I'll call Herb in Green Oak to get the lowdown 
on that consent judgement. I hope there's more to that story that I'm 
missing; otherwise, it sounds like Woolley and crew have a wonderful 
opportunity to stuff Newmarket down our throats. I wonder why LAGO couldn't 
get standing on that case, as co-defendents? Nightmare city.

Talk to you soon - Tina

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