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SG-W:/ Rally tomorrow--PLEASE COME

We're meeting here tomorrow at 8:30 to travel to Metro Airport for a
protest of the meeting Russ Harding has organized. Russ Harding is Director
of the DEQ and no friend to the environment. (Detrails below) Fight the
good fight and have fun at the same time!  What could be better!  MB

>>There will be a public rally in front of the Mariott Hotel at Detroit
>>Metro Airport tomorrow at 9:30 am protesting MDEQ Director Russ Harding's
>>closed meeting with industry lobbyists and several states' top
>>environmental officials to devise a plan for derailing the EPA's clean air
>>protection efforts.
>>Car pools will be leaving from the Ecology Center (117 N. Division) at
>>8:30 am--please join us!
>>Read on for more details.
>>>Press release issues earlier today:
>>>For Immediate Release   Contact: MEC - James Clift 517-487-9539
>>>April 25, 2000     EWG - Mike Casey 202-667-6982
>>>Groups Will Try Opening Now-Secret Meeting of Industry Lobbyists and
>>>States' Environmental Officials Targeting Key Clean Air Protections
>>>LANSING, MI - The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) and the
>>>Environmental Working Group (EWG) of Washington, DC today demanded the
>>>public be admitted to a meeting on April 27 of top environmental
>>>officials from several states.
>>>The meeting, which had been arranged in secret and is currently closed
>>>to the press and the public, was exposed by the Detroit News and covered
>>>by The Washington Post last week.  According to the news accounts and
>>>meeting planning documents, polluting industry lobbyists originally
>>>planned to attend the meeting which is slated to discuss how to derail
>>>the US Environmental Protection Agencyís current efforts to cut air
>>>pollution from dirty utility plants.
>>> ìIf Russ Harding, Director of the Michigan Department of Environmental
>>>Quality, wants to work on political campaigns between now and November,
>>>he should take a leave of absence. This looks to me like a thinly
>>>disguised meeting in which utility and industry representatives are
>>>cutting backroom deals on what industry will get in exchange for their
>>>political contribution,î stated Lana Pollack, President of MEC.
>>>The presidential campaign of Texas Governor George W. Bush has denied
>>>any knowledge or involvement in the meeting, despite an earlier
>>>commitment from Governor Bushís top environmental official, Robert
>>>Huston, to attend.  Mr. Huston or his staff also appear to have
>>>participated on at least one conference call to plan the meeting, and
>>>industry lobbyists supporting the Bush campaign had planned to attend.
>>>The coordinator of the meeting, Russ Harding, Governor John Englerís top
>>>environmental official, had originally wanted the utility industry to
>>>pay for the meeting, but dropped the idea when officials from other
>>>states suggested he might draw harsh scrutiny from the press for that
>>>financing arrangement.
>>>EWG President Ken Cook invited himself to the meeting and posted
>>>registration materials on the Internet at his organizationís web site,
>>>www.ewg.org.  Cook, Pollack and a film crew will try entering the
>>>meeting room and sitting through the proceedings.
>>>"This is an outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars, and Russ Harding
>>>should come clean about how much of our money heís spent on this effort
>>>to date," Cook said.  "This entire meeting is geared to promoting the
>>>interests of dirty utility lobbyists at the expense of public health -
>>>even when we know that cutting air pollution saves more in health and
>>>productivity costs than polluting industries spend to clean up their
>>>Prepared by:
>>>James Clift
>>>Michigan Environmental Council
>>>119 Pere Marquette, Ste. 2A
>>>Lansing, MI 48912
>>Jeff Gearhart
>>Campaign Director
>>Ecology Center
>>117 N. Division
>>Ann Arbor, MI  48104
>>(734)663-2400 x117
>>(734)663-2414 fx.
>>Take the Clean Car Pledge at
>> http://www.cleancarcampaign.org
>Jeff Gearhart
>Campaign Director
>Ecology Center
>117 N. Division
>Ann Arbor, MI  48104
>(734)663-2400 x117
>(734)663-2414 fx.
>Take the Clean Car Pledge at
> http://www.cleancarcampaign.org

Mary Beth Doyle, MPH
Environmental Health Project
Ecology Center
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor MI 48104

734-663-2400 ext 108
734-663-2414 (fax)

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