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SG-W:/ working with farmers

Hi Steve and everyone -

Yes, let's all grow HEMP! I'm on the policy development committee at the 
Washtenaw County Farm Bureau, and last year I wrote a resolution saying the 
Farm Bureau should support legalization of industrial hemp, which is 
different than marijuana (you can't smoke it, and it makes super fiber, 
paper, animal feed and bedding, oils, etc.) I'm in a spinning guild and we 
have to import all of our hemp, which is stupid. Also, last year, there was 
an article that went nationwide about a farmer from Canada who brought a 
load of sterilized (non-fertile) hemp seeds over for birdfood and granola 
bars, only to have it seized by the DEA. The comment was something like the 
amount of THC in the entire shipment couldn't have gotten a sparrow high. 
The DEA stuck to a zero-tolerance policy, and the farmer had enormous 
problems and lost a ton of money. (Industrial Hemp is legal in Canada)

The Wash. Co. Farm bureau passed my resolution overwhelmingly. Most older 
farmers remember being encouraged to grow industrial hemp in WWII ("Hemp for 
Victory" was a national campaign). So we at least have one little resolution 
sent up to the State farm Bureau, where it will languish. Still, it's 
important, since a number of states are working to legalize Hemp, and I 
think it is legal in a number of states, and this is a first step.

I have a vision of fields of geen hemp swaying in the breeze on our farm and 
surrounding farms, a valuable cash crop that is easy to grow and harvest. 
The demand will be so high, that farmers will keep their land, and grow 
hemp, and greedy developers will whine their way back to Bloomfield Hills, 
never to be seen again...

All the Best, Tina (Christina Lirones)
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