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Re: SG-W:/ Local Control

I agree it is a "double edged sword".  I don't think we actually have pure
home rule because we have pieces of legislation (like the mobile home act,
and the right to farm act) that supersede local control.  My concern is that
if everything becomes an act it can get corrupted and then it's even harder
to change. Meanwhile those people out to make a buck at all cost, will find
a loophole in the piece of legislation and exploit the heck out of it.  It
seems concepts that start out with good intentions get mutated and end up
being far from what the original intention was!  Case in point is the
newmarket development.  The concept is a good one, and yet it is now being
exploited  to benefit  a developer.  I agree with Kermit, it's not in an
appropriate place (I know you think this too).  Yet many look at this
development and say "it's high density development, with a variety of
dwellings, to accommodate many income levels and there's a sidewalk to
encourage alternative transportation (i.e. walking, and biking...)".   They
of course have to introduce more infrastructure... so it really misses the
point.  Plus it again puts a strain on the existing land based businesses in
the area.  So they (developers) take the essence of the idea and twist it to
meet their needs.
It seems we need to become more like  developers, so when a good,ethical
concept is introduced, we can then begin analyzing it to see how it might be
exploited.  What are the weak links in the idea that would leave it
vulnerable to corruption!
We are seeing it now with the land value assessment tax.  In the end will
this amendment help farmers and slow sprawl, or just encourage land
speculation and make developers even richer and more powerful?
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>Don't we already have home rule? It should be a good thing, but what
>here is that folks who are not prepared or qualified get gulled by
>developers. Umm, I guess I want home rule if I'M running things, but not if
>the current people are! Tina
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>>There seems to be a general sense that local governments have lost any
>>ability to control how growth occurs at the township level.  The Michigan
>>Municipal League is trying to get an initiative on the ballot (they are
>>gathering signatures now) that would allow people to vote on whether they
>>want "home rule" to exist at the township level.  If we are all concerned
>>about the lack of control, isn't this a good place to start?  Should the
>>people on this list serve be working to get that proposal on the November
>>ballot?  The worst that could happen is that it wouldn't pass, but even
>>then it sends a message to Lansing that we feel the current weakened state
>>of local government control isn't working.
>>I also find it interesting that Gov. Engler can step in to muscle
>>legislators to work towards a deregulation of power companies, but has
>>nowhere regarding legislation for changing the way Mobile Home developers
>>do business in our State, or even supporting and "muscling" through
>>on the Mobile Home Commission.  This industry contributes to sprawl,
>>no local voice in its planning, and is unfairly taxed.  SEMCOG has been
>>studying this industry and making recommendations for 10 years, even MSU
>>has made studies and recommendations, and the Gov.'s own task force put
>>forth a study on what needs to be done to change things.  Talk about
>>shoveling sand against the tide !
>>Is the MML efforts worth supporting?
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